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  • New collection drops on September 1st!

Tropical Fun

Tropical Fun

It’s First Friday! This month our little shop is proud to announce that we are adding a fresh new collection, Tropical , that will surely bring a special kind of joy to your child’s bedroom or playroom. The citrusy pinks and lemony greens add an exciting vibe to all kinds of spaces, whether they are rich and deeply-hued or modern, light and sunny.

We have been dreaming in tropical colors for awhile now. For those who love fashion, you have probably been noticing big bright florals and lush green botanicals walking across the runways. And for those of us who love babies and children, we can’t think of a better way to wake up from a nap than with bold flowers and gorgeous feathered friends.

Although we had been planning and sketching, we decided to take the tropical plunge just a little over a month ago, when I (this is Julianna) was walking through our neighborhood and stumbled upon this beautiful parrot. A parrot!! A PARROT, PEOPLE! I live in Virginia! He was casually sitting on a front porch. Luckily my gasp and yelp didn’t scare him, and I was able to look at him eye to eye. I was instantly captivated by his beautiful colors and friendly personality.

The minute I arrived in the studio, I started sketching my new feathered friend. And more friends of a feather. Then came some fun fauna. And, suddenly, some island-paradise pineapples sprung from my pen. It’s crazy what can happen from one bizarre encounter on a stroll through your own neighborhood.

This set of  bird decals  is one of my favorites. Toucan, Macaw and Cockatoo, too! It’s an inside aviary and a splash of tropical cuteness all year long!

Summer adventures continued, and I was able to snap some other inspiration photos throughout the month. My husband and I spent a couple of days in Savannah and Charleston. On our long drive there, I spotted this giant pink friend. I had already started a group of small flamingos reminding me of my high school days in Austin, when it was all the rage to flamingo someone’s yard … especially if you had a little crush! But a great big flamingo. Hm?

This giant  pink flamingo  is over 5 feet tall! Gosh I love big wall decals. I really do. And I love to watch babies interact with our bigger-than-life critters. Best smiles ever! Plus, one of the best parts about testing the products before our collections are released, is that my own walls get a makeover every month. However, this new feathered friend may never come down.

From all of us at Mej Mej, we hope you enjoy our newest collection. We think this modern theme is perfect for nurseries and playrooms, but can also brighten tween, teen and grown-up spaces. It’s a bit like Henri Rousseau meets Henri Matisse! We hope you have as much fun as we have had when you start creating your own urban oasis. Until next time! – Jules

The behind-the-scenes look

Curious about our process? Come take a look at the inspiration we pull from when we are making our collections.