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  • New collection drops on September 1st!

Rooftop is here!

Rooftop is here!

Our newest collection Rooftop is here! And it’s out of this world! Well, more like across the world! ;-) Inspired by the cozy city of Copenhagen, the Rooftop Collection is a whimsical nod to all that is Scandinavia. From original watercolor illustrations, you can create your own village and magically transform your walls into the pages of a storybook.

This group was inspired by my favorite city in all of Scandinavia … Copenhagen! My husband grew up in the center city where the buildings are over 150 years old. And, with time, amazing textures, color, and patterns emerge. Whenever we visit our Danish relatives, I always return home with a phone full of photos of street corners, door details, shop windows, and cobblestone streets. So, after our last visit, I let the inspiration come to life. Welcome  Rooftop to the Mej Mej mix! 

All of the houses are named after happy food memories that I have had while on our trips over the years. The first time I ever visited, Anton’s aunt made the best homemade elderflower syrup using the flower from a tree in her courtyard. The light yellow petals of the flower drop and make way for dark purple berries, so I named the purple house,  Elderberry

If you would like to add the entire group to your walls, you can! We have three different kits to choose from: small medium (shown below), and large !

And, if you are looking to make a statement, we have super giant (or ‘kæmpe stor’ in Danish) versions so that you can create your own custom village. Below we created a cozy neighborhood with the  Mustard Elderberry,  Celery, and Shortbread houses.

So, there you have it. A collection that has been simmering for over a decade. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it. Farvel! (That’s bye in Danish) :-)

The behind-the-scenes look

Curious about our process? Come take a look at the inspiration we pull from when we are making our collections.