One for Onezee™

Since we began Mej Mej, we have been working to bring our dream project to life. And now we are so excited to introduce One for Onezees™. For every soft organic onezee purchased, another new soft organic onezee is given to a baby in need. Together, we can help to make the world a little bit better, one baby at a time.

We pledged to find the softest one-piece in the world upon which to stitch our Mej Mej designs. And we found it! This super soft onezee is made from the finest 100% Fair Trade and GOTS certified organic cotton. The thick, sumptuous fabric feels as soft as both sweet babies you are dressing. Then we embroider each piece in our Austin, Texas studio, one at a time.

Our heart-in-a-bubble design is like sending a little hug from one baby to another. And, we are delighted that our onezees will wrap the sweet babies who are served through the amazing team at Any Baby Can, an Austin, Texas-based nonprofit organization. Because they believe all children deserve the chance to be healthy and happy, they strengthen parents and their children through in-home therapies, resource navigation, and family support services. They serve children with development delays, cancer, hearing loss and other chronic illnesses – as well as expecting and new parents. Learn more about Any Baby Can here.

And, thank you so much for spreading love with us to the newest generation of children, who, one day, will be able to make great change.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”  –Mother Teresa